The Great Trails State Coalition has developed a bold new brand for The Great Trails State. This brand embodies the distinctive character and appeal of North Carolina’s trails, with a goal to engage the diversity of people in North Carolina and our communities while supporting the increasing drive for continued trail development and upkeep.

The Great Trails State brand will be an open-source brand. You are welcome to use any of the elements to promote trails and demonstrate your pride in The Great Trails State.

Trails take many forms. While the focus of the Coalition is on non-motorized trails, we recognize the role of other types of trails, including cultural trails and motorized trails, in a fully integrated community network.

GTS BRAND LINKS & DOWNLOADS (Under Construction)

Brand Guide
Logo Assets
Icon Assets
Anthem (downloadable link)
For branding related to NC Year of the Trail, see the YOTT archive page
Great Trails State School Certificate (Under Construction)